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Angry Birds Go


Game Name: Angry Birds Go

Game Description & How to Play:

Angry Birds Go – The angry bird game

Angry Birds Go is a side scrolling angry birds game. The angry bird game is fun to play where you have to use the four arrow keys to control the angry bird and help him defeat the red bird and end his reign of terror. The four keys work as defined. You need to press left to move left, right to move right, up to move Up and down to move down. On the way, you need to collect golden eggs. In the end, you defeat the red bird and get your eggs back! Isn’t this the sole reason why Angry birds started? Gets on the roots of the game and re-live the moment.

Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go – angrybirdsgames

The game is similar to super Mario. At the start, you get 4 lives and you need to cross the whole game with at least one life intact. Get started now and save the precious egg and help angry bird in its adventurous journey.

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