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Angry Birds Game Free Download

Angry Birds Game is designed based on simple logic of projectile and gravity and yet this game has already eaten up millions of hours of billions of casual and hardcore gamer.

Now why is this game so addicting? Well no one knows! You simply use some birds as projectiles to destroy pigs! As you progress through the game this simple mechanics starts to involve some complex environment of breaking and using the right type of birds at the right sequence.

Angry Birds Game Free Download

Furthermore although Angry Birds started as a simple game the later sequels like Angry Birds space, Angry Birds Rio added different mechanics like completely insane gravity pull and Bombs with more variations of Birds of varied mechanics. This made the super challenging and the Angry Birds veterans loved it! So thus my friend we can conclude that Angry Birds is the most popular game for the past couple of years and will be for next several years at least. If you have not played it yet, trust me you should!

Angry Birds Game Free Download

Over the years Rovio Entertainment Ltd. has developed 15 Angry Birds game including RPG, turn based battle etc. With the latest addition of Angry Birds 2 this game has evolved into one of the biggest mobile game ever developed. Angry Birds Fight is developed in Japan and is classic Turn based PVP based game that grabbed the attention of multiplayer gamer. Angry Birds Seasons is designed based on various holiday themes that feels genuinely relaxing and fun while playing the game. Angry Birds Pop on the other hand is balloon popping game and as addicting as their other slingshot based game.

Angry Birds Transformer on the other hand is Arcade style shoot and run action game, where Red is turned in Optimus Prime and Yellow into Bumblebee. Angry Birds Go is a Kart Racing game which is similar like Mario Cart but with Angry Birds theme.

angry birds games free download and play

Angry Birds Game Free Download and Play

Download angry birds game on your mobile devices

Now how do you play this ridiculously fun game? Well you can simply go to Google Play Store and search for Angry Birds game and start playing the free ones. In this case we have already done it for you- simply click here to go directly for available Angry Birds Game Although there are some paid Angry Birds game like Angry Birds Star Wars & Angry Birds Start Wars II which are in fact pretty cheap for such an amazing game. Alternatively you can go to their official website and download your game from there.

Angry Birds Game free download on your desktop or laptop or pc

Now playing Angry Birds on Mobile Device is easy but in case you are looking forward for angry birds game free download and play the same game on Desktop or your Laptop as well you have several ways to do so. To learn how you can install and play Angry Birds on desktop or Laptop please follow this link.

There are some amazing flash-based Angry Bird games that can be played on Browsers easily. is a work in progress of Angry Birds games currently with 10 games that are optimized well for browser and quite challenging after several levels. If you are looking for quick hassle free fun time please do look into this website for Angry Birds game. Below is list of all available games:

Angry Birds has now evolved into genre and also created a genre of slingshot and projectile based game on Android. Angry Birds games are mostly free with some minor in App purchase. This game has become so big that other third-party developers are coming forward to use the Angry Birds theme for more creative games to play.

So if you love to play casual games but still want a taste of challenges sometimes, go ahead and try one of Angry Birds games and Don’t forget add our page in your bookmark for future updated games of Angry Birds.

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